How To Read Texts From Another Phone?

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How To Catch Your Cheating Boyfriend or Girlfriend? Read Texts From Another Phone!

People are being cheated on every day.  According to TruthAboutDeception, more than 30 to 60% of men will cheat on their girlfriend or wife. These statistics are so high that I’m not surprised that half of the Americans eventually divorce. In the recent years, infidelity has become a more significant issue for people under the age of 30.  We decided to make this post for you guys because of the enormous amount of cheaters in the US. The internet has his advantages and disadvantages; it is easier to cheat online, but also easier to get caught. In this blog, you will learn how to spot a cheater easily using several different methods to read texts from another phone!


 1.How To Bust A Cheating Boyfriend With Seekverify? US ONLY
 2.How To Catch A cheater and see all of his conversations with Spymsg? WORKS WORLDWIDE!


1. How To Bust A Cheating Boyfriend With Seekverify?

Have you noticed that your partner is unusual? Coming home late, not allowing you to check his or her cellphone and even wanting a lot of “space”? What should you do? Very simple. We will spy your boyfriend or girlfriend with Seekverify.

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THIS METHOD WILL ONLY WORK IF YOU LIVE IN THE UNITED STATES. If you live somewhere else, use the second tool below. You Can Click here.

  1. Watch the youtube video.  Make sure to watch the entire video to understand correctly how to check your boyfriend/girlfriend’s conversations.
  2. Go To The Website.  After you have watched the video, go to the website and do as shown in this guide. Additionally, the link to the site is Seekverify.
  3. Enter Your Girlfriend’s Phone Number.  You can find it under the title:”Is She Cheating On You?

    I want to read text messages from another phone
    Is she cheating on you? Spy on someone’s text messages!
  4. Click On Search. Doing this will order Seekverify to look through their records and find the person you’re looking for! That means it does all the spying task for you and it is uncovering all of your partner’s secret conversations!

    Website to spy on text messages
    This website will teach you to spy on text messages!
  5. Press UNLOCK FULL RESULTS. After you’ve clicked it, you will be told to create an account to see further details, messages, and records they have found!

    see text messages
    read text messages
  6. Accept the terms and click on I agree. After you have accepted their terms of services, you will have access to their dashboard.
  7. Activate Account. Now, you just have to activate your account, and you will be all set to see the information on the phone you have entered. Seekverify’s services usually cost $36, but you can have it for a day at the price of $1 on the trial version. Naturally, I recommend the trial version since a day is more than enough to gather the information you need to bust those cheating bastards!
  8. Download the pdf report. Now, download the report, and you’re all set to check every information on their phone, and that’s it!

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2. How To Catch A cheater and see all of his conversations with Spymsg? WORKS WORLDWIDE!


How to see someone text messages online for free just by adding their cell phone number in?
Cheating girlfriend caught! All of her messages have been leaked

What is your wife doing behind your back?

What are your present concerns regarding your girlfriend’s activities? Is she cheating? Is she having sex with another man? You need to see her conversations! As you probably already know, Spymsg is your best shot! It is free and does the job quickly! Further below, you will be able to learn step by step how to read texts from another phone.


What are the features of Spymsg?

You can do the following with Spymsg:

    • Track text messages
    • Access to media content of the device
    • Call log history
    • Details of incoming/outgoing calls


How to spy their text messages?


  1. Go to We recommend to use Google Chrome or Safari to access the website, and actively discourage to use Mozilla Firefox! It will work better to spy text messages on Safari! Once you’re on the site, scroll down and read how they are hacking your girlfriend’s text messages!
    The website should look once you’re on, you can now spy on text messages!


  2. Read the description of the website, that will show you fast and transparency!

    Text messages spy for you!
    Read more about how SMS Spy Tool Work! It grabs all the text messages for you!
  3. Enter your email, phone number and click start to spy peoples text messages! After running SMS Spy hack, it may redirect you to another screen to allow their processing systems to activate and execute the specific commands required to enable the software. Whenever you want to change your details, such as the username, you must generate a new SMS Spy Bot.

    Now enter your email address and phone number and select the region you’re located in. Hack Tool will then process!
  4. Press on start to get the program running! This hack tool is currently under the version v3.7, and works flawlessly! It should then run and do most of the job for you!

    Spy text messages by clicking start
  5. Just wait for the results, the program will be running. Unfortunately, due to massive botting, a verification could appear sometime on the website!

    What it should look like afterward! Spying your girlfriend!


To conclude, spying someone’s text messages has never been easier. You have all the necessary tools online, you can find them at Seekverify or Spymsg. Just proceed as shown in the video, thank you for reading my article How To Read Texts From Another Phone?, I hope I was able to resolve all your issues, feel free to post your concerns in the comment section, we will carefully reply to them!