Is it Ethically Okay To Spy Your Spouse In 2018?

3 Reasons Why it is Perfectly Okay to Spy Your Spouse!


I find it amazingly surprising that people think it is wrong to spy a girl. The kind of anti-feminist crap thrown at your face for thinking that spying is bad is way too much at times. So I am going to cut the crap & destroy the dreams of all the pseudo-feminists here and tell you 5 solid reasons to why it is perfectly okay to spy a girl? So that, next time a friend of yours wants to take you down the guilt road, you can shove up these reasons in his ahmm ahmm (You know where).

Reason No. 1: “Spying is Caring”

Admit it! For the most part of your day, you are hell busy with work (office, studies, shopping, friends, etc). So why on Earth will you spy on any Lisa, Miranda & Sarah (somehow related to Tom, Dick & Harry) unless one of them is close to your heart and of course you care about her. I care for my girl and I want to make sure that she is safe no matter where. I have been ensuring her safety with the click of a button. The most recent case is from last Thursday when I intervened at the right time before she took an ugly turn on the street.

Reason No. 2: “Girls Love that extra bit of Possessiveness”

Worst case scenario. Your girl gets to know you were spying on her!!! Oh Crap! Is this the end of “US”? Is this going to kill my relationship? Okay before you freak out with more questions. Let me tell you as an expert in relationships that “Girls Love Possessive Men”. So if your girl ever finds out that you have been spying on her, trust me that’s the day you are going to have the best sex of your life. All you have to do is look her in the eye & say “I care for you”.

Reason No. 3: “Even She is Doing It”

Believe it or not, as per the recent survey from Underground Internet Spy forum, girls spy more than guys. Ever seen your girl trying to get a sneak peek into your phone.  Do you get the idea? Unless you want to be left behind, start spying. Your identity is kept totally anonymous…


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5 Guaranteed Signs Of an affair or being cheated on!

5 Guaranteed Signs Of an affair or being cheated on!

Are you in a relationship? Have you lately noticed some strange behavior that has brought up the question whether she is cheating on your or not? Well, then it might be time for you to start spying on your girlfriend. But before getting into all these you will have to be sure that she is in fact cheating on you or rather someone else is trying to take her away from you. There are many hacking tools available online which will certainly help you spy on your girlfriend’s activities, especially over her phone. But if you are wrong and get caught spying on her, your relationship might end up in a dump box, so here are few ways to know whether she is actually cheating or not:

Pay sudden visits: instant reaction is a big proof of the fact that your girlfriend is hiding something. For that, you might try out a sudden visit at her work, or may become back home a bit early than usual and notice her reaction. Whether she is trying to hide something, or maybe she is angry or agitated.

Follow her: this is one of the most used methods in the book. If you notice that she tends to leave the house and go out for a certain amount of time or maybe during the same hours, you might want to follow her. Especially if she had a fight with you and she went out to stay away all night. You might get a chance to catch her red-handed.

Personal Space: Every lady loves her own space and it does not matter if she is in a relationship or not. She is going to need her space but that remains limited to an extent, but if she gets over conscious about her space being in a relationship, then it might not be for you.

Her gadgets: if she gets irritated of you touching her gadgets or sneaking into them, then it might be a fact that she is having an affair. If she is trying to hide call lists, contacts or IM messages those might be a signal for you to get yourself steady.

These are some of the ways in which you might get some idea whether your girlfriend is really cheating or not. If you have already tried these above-mentioned ways, and have found your girlfriend in a negative position you might want to get a hack tool and start spying on her. But make sure to choose a tool that will help you spy on her but in discreet mode. This will ensure that if your suspicion is wrong, then there isn’t any issue amongst you two. And this will help you go on with your life.

What are the things that you need to track?

Location Tracking: tracking her location constantly might give you enough evidence to know where she is going, where she has been and whom she might be meeting. All these information might lead to one outcome, but that is ultimately what you are looking for when you are trying to spy on her.

Text messages: normally she will be clever enough to delete all the messages sent and received from her secret lover, but with a hack tool you can keep records of text messages even if she deletes them and you will also have access to the attachments she will receive or sent to someone else. You can also track her social media apps to know her activities on the IM messengers and eventually you might catch him red-handed.

Multimedia Files: Check all the video and image files that she received or sent. You never know she might be sexting to someone else and you will never know unless you track her multimedia files.

Call logs: recording calls on a regular basis and tapping calls from particular numbers might reveal a lot of information. All you need to do is have some common sense to understand which call you need to track and which one not and you will have your goal.

Contact list: If there’s a guy on the other end of the messages and calls who keeps popping up, you can find out everything about him as well!

How can you do all these?

Well, now that you know what you need to do, you will have to know how you can do it? Well, the solution is pretty simple. You will have to find out an app that will help you spy on her phone without her knowing all about it. You can not involve too many apps for doing your dirty job so, you will need a single app that will be able to not only track your girlfriend but also keep updating with information from her phone.

What can you do to have her back?

Try and talk with her: one of the obvious choices might be to talk with her and sort things out. But then there is a chance that she will come to know that you were actually spying on her. And to make things worse she will try and ignore the fact that she cheated on you and eventually you will lose her for sure. In case you can hide the fact that you have spied on her, getting her back might be really difficult if she is unhappy with you and not willing to carry on your relationship. In that case, it will be wise to let her go and find someone else who will fall for you only.

Block her secret lover: With hacking tools, you can do a lot more than just tracing. You can block a particular number from calling or texting. So, even if she calls him multiple times his secret lover won’t receive it and vice versa. The same thing you can do with the text and after some time they might lose interest in them and she will be back to you. But remember that love is something you cannot get by force. Even if you love her so much, it is really important that she loves you too, otherwise, none of you will be happy. So, you can spy on her but be wise to take your decisions so as to make your future a bright one.

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